Hi! This is David Antón Lou

With more than 8 years of experience in the software development world, I define myself as a technology lover and restless person to learn every day. My good communication skills and my ability to acquire new knowledge have helped me to face the new challenges and projects that have emerged during my evolution as a professional.

I have focused my professional career in custom web development and also in using the leading open-source products, emphasizing Java as principle programming language for several years.

I'm currently self-employed and working as Software Engineer and DevOps specialist. My responsabilities includes technical parts(designing architecture of the project and developing tasks) and bussiness parts(document redaction, meetings with customers, offers redaction and live-demos/webinars for new customers).

Apart from that, I have a lot of interest in new technical things and often I assit to conferences and Meetup's beacuse I found them really interesting to increase my knowledges and it's a good place to meet people with same interests as me.

On the other hand, I enjoy to have good moments with my office mates inside and outside of the working day. People consider me as a communicative and cheerful person, so I think the social part of me is one of my strong skills.

The best way to make sure, is to know me.

Web Development

Use of modern technologies and processes to build custom developments. Flexible to develop, evolve and try new requirements based on customer feedback. Propose open-source tools in case that are useful to achieve the objective faster.


Mix cloud systems and DevOps culture to reduce the Time-To-Market. Infraestructure as Code for provision, destroy, scale and manage all the environments easily and uniformly.


Provide light and robust systems and with low coupling, using API's and microservices. Be pragmatic and not build big cathedrals if they are not necessary and they won't contribute to the business.

Consultancy & Trainings

Apply knowledge to help companies to find the best solutions and increase their growth. Enrich technical stack of work teams to achieve the goals in their projects.


Paying attention in minimal details to ensure that each requirement is finished correctly. Concern about clean code, automated testing and simple content structures.


I usually reduce costs, save time and minimize errors, using automation benefits. Focused on the monitoring and continuous evolution of processes. Do not let manual processes slow down the evolution of your projects.


Working with agile methodologies to obtain efficient and fast results. Acceleration in decision making. Ease and clearness to calculate budgets only of the obtained services.


Open-minded in all the projects that I participated, trying to put imagination and originality. Always applying the common sense and accomplishing objectives.

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Java Spring Spring Jenkins Kubernetes Docker

Architecture, DevOps, Web Development

As part of the Cloud Application Journey team, that the goal was define the standards(coding best-practices, testing, application conteinarization, resource optimizations, ...) for a bank customer to easily deploy applications into IBM Cloud Private. Design solutions to automate checks of cloud standards for all the applications, and detect failures to order them as gamification in a score board.


Java Spring Kubernetes Docker Jenkins Nexus Vault

Architecture, DevOps, Web Development

Participate in the digital transformation of the B2B franchisees platform to a microservices architecture using Spring Boot and Swagger for the definition of the APIs. CI/CD process was automated with Jenkins, using shared libraries, for all the environments. And all the deployments were into onpremise Kubernetes cluster and Istio as service mesh.


Python Kubernetes Docker Gitlab Airflow Ansible Google Cloud

DevOps, Web Development

Provide solutions to deploy easily in Kubernetes the applications and components of all the teams in the company, using Gitlab CI pipelines with shared libraries and Kubernetes templating for deployments. Create a Python API for flow executions(Apache Airflow) to create infrastructure using Terraform and Ansible.


Java Gradle Jenkins Docker Kubernetes Jfrog

DevOps, Web Development

Be part of the Platform team of the company and a Java referent inside of it. We provided a CI/CD solution to deploy all the microservices of the company using Jenkins pipelines(with custom shared libraries) as principal tool. On each step, up a Kubernetes pod to execute commands and interact with other products as JFrog Artifactory, Harbor or deploying into AWS or Kubernetes on premise.


Elastic Ansible Docker Jenkins Vagrant Redis Nexus

DevOps, Architecture, Data

Participate inside the architecture team to develop a solution for the application log management using Elasticsearch Stack as backend. For the production architecture, we decided to have all the products containerized with Docker and deploy them in Kubernetes to provide the possibility for scale the system easily. And for local environment, we used both Vagrant and Docker. All the environment was provisioned and fully automated with Ansible, to deploy easily on the production clusters. And to make integration testing we decided to use Jenkins with Docker.


Elastic Azure

Data, Consultancy

For the foundation's web page, I provided a consultancy about using Elastic Stack for query aggregations with faceted searches, best-practices for better performance, multilanguage indexing and search score tunning.


Elastic Kafka

Technical Talk

Technical talk about best-practices and use cases of Elasticsearch and Kafka to get more benefits of our data. This talk was imparted with Confluent and Elasticsearch architect members in Barcelona and Madrid.



Technical Talk

Technical blog post about the use of the machine learning module of Elastic stack. Example with real data of a bank customer use case about how to prevent critical situations using watchers and forecasting future errors.


Java Gradle Spring Docker Kafka Consul Elastic

Architecture, Web Development

Technical microservices architecture design for Desigual to migrate from the monolithic one. The technology stack was mainly based on Java and Spring Framework for the development part of the services. Consul as service discovery tool. Zuul for the API Gateway communication. Kafka as queue for asynchronous invocations between microservices. And Elastic Stack to manage the logging of all the architecture and monitoring.


Ansible Jenkins Docker

Technical Talk

Automation is a very important task in the flow of software development, but do we know when we should apply it? What benefits can we obtain? We are used to applying good practices in code and tests, but often we leave the automation of certain tasks in the background and which directly affect our productivity. In this talk I will explain about several automation aspects that I consider important and some of the processes I use in my day-to-day, such as automatic code generation tools, deployments automation, testing using containers (Docker-in- Docker vs. Docker-outside-Docker) and bots for operational management from messaging tools (practical example using Hubot from github for ChatOps).


Java Alfresco Activiti Spring PostgreSQL

Document Management, Web Development, Data

Participate in several Alfresco projects(Enterprise 4.x y 5.x) about customization of the document management tool for pharmaceutical customer KernPharma based on GMP manufactured good practices. Also Activiti BPM use for internal workflows.


Alfresco Activiti Java Maven

Technical Talk

Alfresco's Community technical talk about generating PDF dinamically from templates and the metadata content of a document. Using different libraries as Docx4j, Freemarker and iText.



Document Management, Architecture, Consultancy

Architectural design for a document management system for Engineers Bank using Alfresco 5.x. Define the process to migrate their data model to Alfresco and their content information.


Alfresco Java Maven

Technical Talk

Winner of the BeeCon 2017 Alfresco Hackathon with a project about creating an add-on to give a non developer the ability to fill metadata fields with data extracted from preselected position on documents(regex or area). He can indicate for a specific document type where to find metadata and to which field it is linked. For example, from invoices that have the same information.

ALFRESCO HACKATHON 2017 Link Youtube Github

Alfresco Java Maven Azure

Technical Talk

Alfresco module to analyze people photos and extract information about the gender, the age, face expressions, emotions and others. So you can make a bulk photo import to Alfresco, and then make searches(for example, to know how many 30 age people photos are in the repository).


Alfresco Cloud Foundry

Technical Talk

The main goal of this project was to provide a Proof-of-Concept implementation of a Service Broker Definition. In our case, we start with the CMIS API.


Talend SqlServer

Data, Architecture

Diseño e implementación de un Data Warehouse para el Centro de Referencia de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación ATM (CRIDA) de la compañía AENA. Utilización de Talend Open Studio para el tratamiento e integración de grandes volúmenes de datos de vuelos, aeropuertos, aviones,… Realización de un estudio de data profiling de la información a almacenar en el Data Warehouse utilizando Talend Data Quality.


Java Alfresco

Document Management, Web Development

New features development forAlfresco’s custom implementation for the Spanish National Library (BNE). OpenCMS documents migration process to Alfresco environment (using CMIS, WebDav and Alfresco’s webscripts). CMIS client development for Alfresco data synchronization with external database.


Java Alfresco

Document Management, Web Development

This project was based on the Alfresco 5.0.d installation and users management feature using Aikau.


Java Alfresco

Document Management, Consultancy

This project was based on the Alfresco 5.0.d installation, customization and data migration for Hutchinson company.


Java Javascript Html

Web Development

Development of features for core banking product MC-Server v5.0. Participation in projects of core banking for Ibercaja and Cajamar entities, using the IntegraAjax company product. Development of a Java library for reading and sending bank validation notebooks type 19 (Debit), 34 (transfers and checks) and 34-14 (SEPA transfers) based on the AEB (Spanish Banking Association) Standards.


Java Javascript

Document Management, Web Development

Development of new features for the product Nubarchiva, a management system for archivistic storage of documents according to international standards like ISAD and MARC. Implementation and maintenance for the Provincial Deputation of Huesca, Provincial Deputation of Teruel, Zaragoza's Town Hall and Documents Archives of Aragon (DARA). Development of desktop application to convert images to DJVU format and view on a web environment.

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